On the Frontline
On the
M I N I S T R I E S,  I N C.
The Ultimate Rescue Mission

Today there is so much talk about "Rescue" missions. Rescuing women and children from being "trafficked", sex trade, abuse, etc.  These are wonderful things to be involved with showing forth the love of Jesus Christ.

We would like to have you think about the "Ultimate Rescue Mission" which is an eternal rescue mission.  God has sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for mankind's sins.  Jesus in Matthew 18:11 said, "For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost." Jesus Christ was on the"Ultimate Rescue Mission - restore mankind back to God.  Do you remember when the RESCUE happened to you? 
In 2013 there were 22,607 salvations in our house churches
                                            and village Bible clubs

We have 540 trained Cambodia staff, plus 60 interns, who take the Ultimate Rescue Mission very seriously.  Forging ahead, to "Reach the Lost and Teach the Found."  Continuing to do Church Planting in Cambodia. They know that each soul rescued from the Kingdom of Darkness is transferred to the Kingdom of Light.

What is a soul worth?

Jesus shed His precious blood and died a horrible death for the price of a soul.  He has given us the ministry of reconcilliation.

Being missionaries in Cambodia for more than nine years we still see that the Harvest is so ready, we can hardly keep up.  It comes as no surprise that it costs money to reach the lost with the Gospel.   We need for Brothers and Sisters in Christ to participate with this ministry either through prayer, financial giving, or both.  It takes money to buy materials, motorcycles, gas and supplement wages.  It takes prayer for spiritual warfare.

Please pray about becoming a Partner with this ministry.
                  How long will the doors remain open in Cambodia?

Only God knows.  Let us participate together in the "Ultimate Rescue Mission", while we still can, for His Glory!  The Apostle Paul thought Jesus was returning in his day. Here we are more than 2,000 years later. All things point to Christ's soon return. Whether we are at home or out on the foreign mission field, we all need to be involved in reaching the lost who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.
They have a right to hear the Gospel.
They have a right to be rescued for eternity!
Last month 2,012 Salvations 

Resued from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light.  These salvation happened in our house churches throughout Cambodia.  One on one!
The Ultimate Rescue Mission

Eternal Feeding Program
  Jesus is the Bread of Life

Eternal Water Program Jesus is the Living Water

Eternal Clothing Program  Clothed with His righteousness

Eternal Housing Program

Eternal Medical Program
No more sickness

Eternal Phychological Program

No more tears

Eternal Hope Program

Christ in us the Hope of Glory

Eternal Family Connection  Family of God

Eternal Life Program

The new birth
We want to thank all of our Partners who have given sacrificially of their time and finances to help make this ministry work for His Glory.  We couldn't do it without you.